RP is never enough to lose.




(After typing sentences above, the Chinese IME stopped working.)

My CUHK dorm has a good seaview, which is neither money nor progress.



I just spent 4 hours traveling back to SZ for a single LAN cable, which I spent another 4 hours trying and failing to find in HK. I decided to buy a LAN cable just because wifi is not stable. But it turns out the LAN access does not work at all.

IQ Project is still on going, with little progress made.

Only coffee machine still works.


It has been 2 years. I never learned.

My CV is just the same as 2 years ago, so as my Cantonese and social ability, with my health even worse and no passion at all.

I am tired.

One Netease comment:

Typical Chinese Characteristics: 1. don’t like to tell the truth. 2. don’t like to hear the truth.


2 Comments on “RP is never enough to lose.”

  1. 21048 says:

    广东话和简历可能没变,不过social ability绝对变了
    ps 你的wordpress在这边打开就是个渣排版。
    pps 本来是在google reader上看的,不过好久没来了就来看看。完全没有人评论,冷清啊。人们都做什么去了呢?

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